Our very own unique, brief, infrequent, and progressive training protocol at My Personal Trainer!

Over 95% of what is being promoted today through exercise infomercials, celebrity exercise videos, fitness magazines, extreme makeover shows, fitness centers and especially personal trainers is not only non-productive nonsense but in many cases is outright dangerous! At My Personal Trainer, we are dedicated to stopping the endless frustrations you and millions like you have been going through for years and to reverse these negative experiences with positive results. We accomplish this with something brand new in this industry, it's called TRUTH! Our mission is to provide through purpose driven exercise, structured opportunities on all levels of fitness with the goal of promoting wellness to our clients so they can maximize their quality of life.

Why use a Personal Trainer?

Safety in making sure you're doing it right. By having one of our certified trainers by your side will ensure each one of your sessions are done in a safe controlled manner. All repetitions are done in a slow non-ballistic movement to avoid putting too much stress on the joints, bones, and connective tissue. We take all the guess work out of your routine, so you basically just do as your told. You won't feel silly or embarrassed by not knowing how to set up and use the equipment. We provide motivation and accountability which is hard to get for those exercising on their own. Most importantly you'll get measurable results! It doesn't take much time when we know how to do it right.

MPT Program

Why Strength Training?

The main point of strength training is to add lean, figure shaping, energizing muscle onto your body. Muscle adds strength but more importantly for older adults, it helps boost their metabolism to levels they haven't seen since their young adulthood. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be, because muscle burns a lot more calories than fat on the body.

A. Needs to be Progressive: Just like education proper strength training needs to be progressive for improvement. There are millions of Americans who go through the same monotonous routine by not keeping their workouts progressive.

B. Needs to be Infrequent: Yes infrequent! Our bodies don't know what day of the week it is or time, all it understands is the demand that it put under from exercise. After any proper exercise is executed it's the bodies recover ability that produces the result not the actual exercise. Many people skip this major fact and over train with exercise which in most cases will often lead to injuries, weight gain, or strength plateaus.

Proper Nutrition for Optimum Results

Losing excess body fat isn't just about eating healthier, it's also about how much and how often you eat. In fact, eating too little can put a damper on weight loss. When you under-eat your body goes into survival mode and stores everything it has, causing it to run inefficiently. We will never say "You cannot eat that"; instead we help you make better choices. We teach you how to make healthier choices such as eating smaller portions and eating more often. These are small, manageable changes that will lead to lasting results.

28-Day Melt Away Program

Need additional help with nutrition we offer an optional 28-Day Melt Away Nutritional Program designed by a Registered Dietitian and is based on regular grocery store foods. Our Nutritional Program is a nutritionally sound MEAL REPLACEMENT PROGRAM. It's a temporary program that will get weight (fat) off your body quickly, motivate you by seeing such rapid progress, and establish proper eating patterns. Best part is its inexpensive! Instead of spending money on groceries causing the problem were going to redirect some of that money to our program that's going to help solve the problem.

Stay Motivated and Committed

Accountability is the key to what we do; your commitment determines your results. We understand life has distractions - that is why we are here. We provide the motivation you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals.


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These statements are not meant to guarantee your individual results. While all claims are from actual clients that are willing to verify their individual results upon request, your individual results may vary depending on your individual effort and adherence to program.