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As a personal trainer I have learned so many new and wonderful things from our clients here at My Personal Trainer. It put my faith and trust back into people. We live in a chaotic and sometimes violent world, but being surrounded by positive goal-oriented men and women helps me see all the beauty in this world. The greatest quality in a person to me is confidence, and when you carry that with you at all times, many people feed off that. When we believe in ourselves it portrays the message to the rest of the world that there is hope for change. It starts with not only a smile on our face, but with a sincere smile in our heart. We all trust and believe in each and every client we have chosen to bring on board with us. There is something special about a person when they finally face their fears and fight back negative energy and walk through our doors and let us guide them to better health. Sometimes all it takes to better yourself is to just simply keep an open ear and an open mind. As trainers, we want to see you get the results you desire. We want to see you strive to new lengths, and we want to see you become the very best you can possibly be!! The world is a much more peaceful place when people around us are happy, healthy, full of energy, and young at heart. At My Personal Trainer, we not only have the tools for your success in health and fitness, but we have the knowledge, passion, and vision to put them to great use. Personally, every day I wake up I get excited to see what the day has in store, and I know that no matter what happens I can stand tall with my head held high. "Success to me is not hours spent or based on pay. . .It's how many lives I've touched by the end of the day. . .One person at a time can change this whole world until we all find. . .that framing our mind can simply keep our structure aligned.

Fitness is a lifestyle. When we want and desire something bad enough, then we fight for it. When life pushes us down we get right back up and push back. And before we know it, we realize that we are so much stronger than we ever thought or imagined we could be. Take a minute and close your eyes and really evaluate who you are and how you can make a positive goal about yourself and about life then you are already headed in the right direction. Be proud of who you are and embrace your uniqueness. Always remember that you are never alone on this journey and help is just a handshake away. Remember to breathe in life and enjoy it to the absolute fullest. Thank you for giving all of us at My Personal Trainer the opportunity to work with you. And more importantly thank you for just being you!


Eric A. Schaefer, Franchise President - Greater Cleveland

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