My Personal Trainer staff reserves the right not to except everyone as clients. All potential clients will be given a free consultation to determine eligibility, which is based on individual level of commitment and attitude. Consultations will also be conducted to review individual client goals, limitations, exercise and eating habit history.


If we accept you as a client, and at the end of an 11-week time period, you can honestly say you followed all 3 of the below commitments and you're no stronger than when you first started your program, we will refund your entire program investment. My Personal Trainer will review the client agreement and personal training history completed at My Personal Trainer, along with any other pertinent information, and then determine any refund due.

Your Commitment

1. Work out with Our Trainers at Least Once Every Week: You need to train regularly to get results. Do not skip a full week without training. Sessions cancelled with notice can be made up at the end of the commitment term.

2. Give Your Best Effort at Each Training Session: The impact your exercise routine will have on your body is directly related to how deeply you challenge your muscles at each session.

3. Understand Food and Fat Loss: If losing fat is one of your fitness goals, realize that eating habits play the largest role affecting fat loss. (Food is much more influential than exercise.) Because of this, we do not guarantee fat loss will happen just from exercise. Our clients who follow our exercise program without making any nutritional changes often do lose some fat, but not always. We CAN guarantee that you'll get stronger. If you'd like additional help with nutrition, ask your trainer and he/she can point you in a good direction for nutrition support.

* Please note: All refunds will be processed and mailed to the client within 30 days of the refund paperwork being submitted.

My Personal Trainer


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These statements are not meant to guarantee your individual results. While all claims are from actual clients that are willing to verify their individual results upon request, your individual results may vary depending on your individual effort and adherence to program.